The Brazilian Society of Dermatology is proud to announce Rio de Janeiro, the heart of Latin America, as a candidate city to host the WCD-2023.

Rio combines natural exuberance with a unique culture. With rhythms that liven up our dreams and some breathtaking landscapes, the city has a high-spirited atmosphere and endless possibilities.

It is in this mood that we want to host the WCD-2023. We have experience in planning and hosting major events. With over 221,000 hotel beds, Rio has excelled at hosting the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Known for its welcoming nature – about 33% of the tourists in the city come from abroad – Rio is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, boasting excellent infrastructure to welcome congress participants and their companions.


Over 700 major events of various kinds are expected to take place in Rio in 2018. With a renewed cosmopolitan and innovative atmosphere, the Marvelous City also has a relaxing costal city mood to it.


From the bossa nova to the Girl from Ipanema, from stunning beaches to the Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains, Rio de Janeiro is always beautiful and waiting for WCD-2023 participants with open arms.


Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

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1. American Society of Dermatologic Surgery 10-12/10 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
2. World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology 18-19/10 Warsaw, Poland
3. VII Cairo Derma 17-19/10 Cairo, Egypt
4. 41st Annual Convention of the Philippine Dermatological Society 7-9/11 Manila, Philippines
5. American Dermatological Association Silverado Resort and Spa, 7-11/11 Nappa Valley, California, United States
6. CILAD 14-17/11 São Paulo, Brazil
7. 6th Continental Congress of Dermatology of the International Society of Dermatology and 44th Taiwanese Dermatological Association Annual Meeting 16-18/11 Taipei, Taiwan
8. ISD Regional Meeting – Controversies in Dermatology 6-8/12 Zakopane, Poland


1. Winter Dermatology 18-23/01 Kauai, Hawaii, United States
2. Orlando Dermatology 18-21 Orlando, United States
3. HDS Seminar
4. AAD 01-05 Washington, DC, United States
5. WCD 10-15/06 Milan
6. Summer AAD 25-28/07 New York, United States
7. 13a Conferência Brasileira de Melanoma 01-03/08
8. EADV 9-13/10 Madrid

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– Dermatology is the medical specialty with the largest female contingent in the country.

 – Brazil is a world reference in Dermatology, being the fourth largest center in the world, with over 9,000 members.

 – Over 10 corporate events are confirmed in Rio de Janeiro for 2019, including the Brazilian Congress of Dermatology, held annually, bringing together national and international experts.

– Dermatology is the medical specialty with the largest female contingent in the country.

– In 2018, SBD will celebrate its 106 years of foundation. It is the third oldest medical society in the country, recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine and the Brazilian Medical Association.

 -The Brazilian Society of Dermatology has 24 Regional Offices, in 26 States, and accredits Dermatology Departments in 81 University Hospitals.



Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest economic and cultural center of South America,
Rio de Janeiro is located in the heart of the Southeast Region, which
concentrates 60% of Brazil’s GDP. Cosmopolitan metropolis, 
known worldwide for its beauty and its natural resources, the City provides 
its residents and visitors a smooth and pleasant ambience for leisure and work, 
which combined with its infrastructure, makes Rio an important center of 
commerce and services and we also have a modern and diverse industry. 
The City of Rio de Janeiro is recognized for one of its greatest virtues, 
the warmth and hospitality: Rio’s people warmly welcome its visitors.